Breaking News: Donald Trump fires Steve Bannon his Chief Strategist at the White House

Steve Bannon and Donald Trump now fired

Donald Trump the President of the United States of America has fired his White House Chief Strategist, Bannon has been in the works to be fired by the President; Bannon was one of the most controversial staff that was hired by the President, who is known to be a White Supremacist.

Trump was furious with Bannon following an interview he granted that was contradicting him on  North Korea.

Bannon was one of the White House most controversial staffers and his ousting came after three weeks the new Chief of Staff was hired.

Breaking News: Terror attack in Barcelona as Van plunges into people killing two

Pictured: The scene in Barcelona today as emergency services rush to helpPictured: What is thought to be the van that knocked over pedestrians in the area


It’s been reported that a van has killed two people with 10s of people hit and hurt by a van in Barcelona, two men entered a restaurant with guns firing as well.

There has been a number of police officers in the area and ambulances can be seen as well.

Eye witness confirmed gunfire can be heard at the Corte Ingles area a very busy tourist district in Barcelona.

It is also being reported that the driver of the van fled on foot after crashing into the pedestrians.


Saint Johnstone Fc of Scotland throws shade at Man U


A Scottish club who were recently top of the table threw shades at Manchester United FC after they sent a tweet out of them being on top of the league

The tweet stated Top of the league

Saint Johnstone reminded them “So are we, but you don’t see us boasting about it😉

See tweets Below

Their response

Lady On Twitter Gushes over her man , ‘ He was worth the wait ‘


This twitter user @sopharush shared her love life gushing over him, she sent this tweet out on her page, God bless her union

Happy one year anniversary baby. You were worth the wait & all the prayers. I love being married to you. ❤

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain ready for a big move to Chelsea Fc


Right move? Oxlade-Chamberlain has to consider his options

Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger is reluctant to sign off his priced midfielder Oxlade-Chamberlain to Chelsea who are reported to be interested in him; Chelsea is reported to price him at 35 million pounds but the Gunners are turning down the offer, Wenger has continued with his style of shrewd spending with only one major signing Antonio Lacazatte and is having troubles keeping Ozil and Alexis Sanchez who has indicated he is not keen on playing for the gunners this season.

Oxlade who is on the final year of his contract may be seen to leave the Emirates, to free up some cash for Arsenal for probably another major signing



Ogun State places over 100 people on surveillance after Lassa fever out break


lassa fever

The Ogun State commissioner for health Dr. Babatunde Ipaye has disclosed that over 100 people have been placed on surveillance after having contact with the victim, according to reports made by Punch; the commissioner has assured resident in the state not to panic as plans were underway to curtain the situation.

He was quoted as saying

“Initially we had 66 contacts when I briefed you on Friday. Between then and now, we have additional 40 contacts. So, now, we are monitoring 106 contacts.

“You will recall that we have not established the contacts that met him (the patient) during his travel to Lagos. All the 66 contacts are care-providers in all the hospitals that he is being treated. We also had to go to his house to decontaminate it. So, everybody that lives around there are primary contacts, one way or the other; just to play safe.

“We have to monitor their temperature for 21 days. That was what we did for over 1,800 people we followed up the other time. We had to monitor their temperature minimum of twice daily – morning and evening. And the contacts must come up to tell us the reading immediately. We have given all of them thermometers and we have taught them how to measure their temperature.

“So, when we call them they would tell us what the temperature was in the morning and the evening and they would do this for 21 days. If after 21 days there is no fever of any type, then that patient will be delisted from our contacts.”

The reports stated



Linkin Park cancels Tour following death of Lead Singer Chester

Following the death of lead singer Chester Bennington the Rock Band group Linkin Park has cancelled its One More Light North American tour.

The group retweeted a message on it’s twitter handle with the apology\

Chester Bennington was found dead in his home on Thursday 20th July, according to the coroner he died in a suicide upper room of his apartment. Chester has been battling with drug use and alcohol for years.

RIP Chester !!


Etisalat News Flash : GSM provider changes name

Etisalat Nigeria has changed it’s name to 9 Mobile, the embattled service provider whose parent company Emirates Telecommunications Corporation UAE exited the firm following huge debt running into over $13bn which they couldn’t pay back to service.

The management of the company at the end of a management meeting in Lagos adopted the name 9Mobile as the new brand name.
The Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) had earlier asked Etisalat to stop using its brand name within the next three weeks .