I am not used to replying on Nairaland NL for many reasons but my attention has been drawn on the piece by the great poet Wole Soyinka WS. WS I much respect your ideas about the issues bothering topics of discourse, unfortunately, I am greatly dissapointed the way people approach such issues. It saddens me the way our President [i] took to his hills [/i] in renaming a great Institution with soo much history, so much flair, so much great minds, a school I had a fancy for, because of the pride held high by the students. Waking up and deciding to rename the school after a great man MKO Abiola. Of course you don’t expect those folks/students to feel happy at the moment you made that remark. The youth were not carried along, the University community was not carried along and for some reason it sounded archaic to the ear drums of students and the community at large. But there is a concern for me, If the students of Unilag and other known schools can come out en-mass to protest the dieas or approach of government it will serve all Nigerians a great deal; Imagine this morning for all STUPID reasons, I woke up to the news that the Governor of Rivers State Rotimi Amechi signed into law that all former governors of the state will have two houses built for him, one in Abuja the other in Rivers, 8 security officers assigned to him, maids and other fringe benefits including pension. That sounds idiotic and the more reason why students of RSUST and UNIPORT should be marching on the streets demanding the Governor to resign NOW not LATER. Thats fraud and the many other stupid ways our leaders defraud us. Including having a kitchen allowance of 1 billion Naira It now makes more sense when Buhari said 2015 will be bloody, the moment you do such oshofiri attitude you’re going to have people killing themselves to get to the top.

Dear Students/ Fellow Nigerians Good a thing you are fighting for your right, I believe they will be a reversal even though I never was a student of UNILAG I show solidarity but PLEASE IN THE NAME OF GOD show no violence, and keep fighting for what you belive is right including removing all bad leaders that we have now and PDP.

 Dear WS I thank you for your solidarity message, I pray you will live to see the change and see how this country will turn to good from the evil your peers have created.


I hope you don’t have plans for 2015, rather you should think what good people will remember you for

Thank You