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Tonto Dike’s controversial song

For the sake of the world, what on earth was Tonto Dike (TD) thinking when she decided to release a track for her upcoming album ?

She this time nailed it for the world to laugh it off, or maybe did she want her very good friend and apostle of the gossip world Linda Ikeji to tell the world who she really is ?

‘It was really hilarious to hear her sing’ one blogger commented

“I will be needing therapy for this… Even AUTOTUNE couldnt save this track.. DARN!!! ”

Alot of has been said, even a joke that GEJ has declared her track for the new national anthem.

Or to say, she has been banned for life

And for those of us who have not listened you can do so here, please note that you are likely to go deaf if you listen to this

Parental cotrol is adviced



Allu killings of Uniport Students- My take on this

Seriously, I can’t believe what happened on that faithful day at Allu, on the outskirts of Portharcourt, which is about 3km away from the University Of Portharcourt Main campus (Uniport).

Sincerly, I feel a bit of pain for the killings that took place in that community, but one will wonder what could have angered a community in doing such a dastard act.

Taking laws into their own hands, has there been increase in robbery in that area that could have made people go barbaric?

Too many questions very few answers.

I was reading comments on a popular Nigerian Forum Nairaland. and what I saw made me feel sick and really disturbed, the posting on youtube of the video, which I am ashamed to send the link shows the way we humans think and feel.

But I pondered over this, we all are leaving in Allu community, we all are citizens of Allu, we all have blood tasting fangs on us.

Allu can be described as a movement, a sick people, the people of Allu may have had nighmares, cases of robberies, poverty, unemployment, frustration, cult clashes, the list is endless.

I still can’t believe what could have made a community of thousands behave this way.

The community as at 9.10.2012 sacked themselves from their existence. it is a shame for people who took up courage one minute have all of a sudden become afraid of their own sins.

More like Adam becoming wise after eating the apple or the case of Judas knowing the terrible thing he had done for betraying Jesus Christ.

I believe, this is the same thing we face each days of our lives, extra judicial killings will not end today, the end is yet to come, the last of this will not be heard from all of us.

Coming back to the sad story of the boys killed, I want to ask, please were any arms recovered from them, was any laptop as claimed recovered from them? What of knife, matchete “nko” or club or even tooth pick seen on them ?

We need evidence to tell us if this Allu 4 were actually criminals as claimed. we need the police to get involved and bring those to justice.

Time is  not out friend, lets get started and let Justice prevail



(Will not want to mention names of those killed here )


The Show called “Hanging Out With TeeA”

Honestly,I think the show is funny and dull but time out with tee A this week on AIT 6/10/2012 , 2.30 pm was a show worth watching

thanks to the part Madam Princess came up with, she had an interview with a Kwabena,who she claims “is assisting me” , funny enough Tee A played the role well of a Ghanian presenter who is in Nigeria to start off a show

Am not a great fan of Television but I think Tee A should improve his onion well, 🙂