Archive: May 2013

5 unique ways to optimize your youtube tags

Youtube will be my numero uno for SEO this 2013; I have come to appreciate this wonderful website because of the unique progress it has made for my websites. to perfect your search traffic using videos, you need to make good use of tags.

For the sake of this article I will be discussing ways you should optimize youtube tags.

1.Ensure you spread your tags among your clips, by doing this it will help snag some tail words

2.Use category descriptor tags, youtube has defaulters search settings on your vidoes, this plays a role on all categories as well.

3. Ensure your tags are relevant to your content, this is very important and could add up to your search boost.

4. Have more tags to ensure you boost your result.

5 Make good use of adjectives: Always have this at the back of your mind people search on the internet with adjectives and constructive words, by doing this you can be sure of attracting people to your videos.

Tags essentially are important to your videos on yourtube. Also have it at the back of your mind you need to influence your titles which should attract click through rates CTRs