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New British Royal family Picture surfaces

Prince William and his wife Kate released a rare family photo on Saturday showing the couple with their eight-month-old son Prince George, ahead of the little boy’s first overseas tour.

The Duke of Cambridge, the second in line to the throne, is pictured with his wife and son looking out of an open window of their apartment in Kensington Palace in London


See the beautiful picture below

Prince-Georgeand family

Deaf woman 40 hears for the first time

A friend captures the inspiring moment Joanne Milne from Gateshead  in the UK hears sound   for the first time in her life after being fitted with cochlear implants

Joanne Milne, 40, from Gateshead, was born deaf, and during her 20s also began   to lose her vision due to the rare medical   condition Usher Syndrome.

But last month she was fitted with cochlear implants and after 40 years of   silence the life-changing procedure has meant she is now able to hear.

Miracles do happen

NYPD shuts down Davidos concert in Newyork apologizes to fans









Davido couldn’t hold his New York concert as police shut it down because the venue already billed for it couldn’t contain the bookings on ground.

Police was concerned about safety and had to cancel the concert held last night, March 28 at Pulse 48, Brooklyn.

People going to the concert caused shut down of two blocks in Brooklyn, forcing the police to intervene.
Yesterday’s show was supposed to be Davido’s first as he kicks off US/Canada Tour 2014. He has a show in D.C today and Minnesota tomorrow. Then Dallas, Texas on Friday the 4th of April, then makes a final stop in Toronto, Canada on the 5th of April.

HKN boss, Davido is presently sad about how the New York Police Department cancelled his concert which was to hold last night due to overbooking.

He took to Twitter to say sorry to his fans who were all out for him yesterday but were disappointed.

“Feel so bad!!!!!!! Not my fault but I take the blame!!! I’m sorry!! Luv u guys 4real!! NYC!!!!!!”

Eeyah, hope you guys understand it’s not his fault. Be consoled cos he said he’ll be back to make y’all happy.

Rapper Olamide blast blogger Linda Ikeji “You are an enemy of progress”






After sending an update on her blog that Yoruba rapper Olamide is expecting a child, Linda Ikeji has been lashed by Badoo Olamide himself, saying all is not true and ‘she is an enemy of progress’.

Turns out she got the story wrong and later wrote a rejoinder apologising for her error, saying ‘ he denies expecting a child with long time girl friend Adebukunmi’

She got to post the whole ish the rapper put up on his twitter pages,

I guess this is a lesson learnt, get facts straight before dishing to the world