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Bruce Jenner undergoing sex change


 Bruce Jenner

Ooh dear, its been confirmed there is a serious change for Mr. Jenner is transforming to a Mrs.

The former Olympian’s change is for real and that Bruce’s ultimate goal is to live life as a female.
His family has already accepted the transformation and friends who have been in the dark are getting used to this change.

The 65-year-old has been pictured in recent days with manicured nails, smooth legs, longer locks and what appeared to be fuller lips.

Bruce Jenner Is 'Transitioning into a Woman'

photo credit : R Online

Etcetera writes to Buhari’s supporters hear him



Stupid is a word that has a broad range of applications, but it generally means a person lacks rudimentary intelligence or the ability to reason. It can also imply a congenital lack of capacity for reasoning, or a permanent state of daze or slow-mindedness. However one defines or applies the word stupid, you can hardly think of the word without directly relating it to the utterances of some Buhari’s supporters; especially the supposedly literate ones.

Over the past week, it became apparent that the level of stupidity inherent in those inclined to support certain politicians at all cost is beyond comprehension. In fact, it is frightening that so many Nigerians of voting age lack the fundamental reasoning ability of a second-grader and are even less-informed about basic facts than a kindergarten.

I have heard some of the most bizarre ideas peddled by some Buhari’s supporters and I am really concerned about the future of this country. I have heard troubling statements like: “It really doesn’t matter if Buhari is qualified or not, he must be the next president and we’ll vote for him. Even if he presents a NEPA bill as certificate, we don’t care, we will vote for him. Are these people for real?

To base your position on whatever absurdity your favourite candidate espouses; regardless of reality is the reason why we are in this hell of a nation. These are exactly the type of supporters Nigerian politicians bank on to win elections. These goons should know that in a democratic system, we live by the constitution and the Nigerian constitution in section 131 (d) gives a specific order for all presidential candidates to show proof of education up to a minimum standard not below school certificate or its equivalent.

If Buhari doesn’t have the required qualification, he should be disqualified immediately or if it is proven that his certificate or result was doctored or forged, he should be arrested and charged to court for deception.

Atahiru Jega and his INEC got us into this embarrassing position. How can someone refer INEC to the Secretary of the Military Board for his credentials when it is stated clearly that every contestant should attach copies of their qualification to their forms? INEC is a joke. If elections are conducted like job interviews, can the applicantdirect his would-be employers to his previous work place for his credentials? Won’t the applicant be chased off the premises with a stick or security dogs?

How do we bring about the clamoured “change” in the nation when we can’t treat the nation’s business as ours? Nobody is saying you shouldn’t support Buhari or any candidate of your choice but it shouldn’t be based on sentiments of any kind.

The other day, a radio presenter was screaming like a banshee on radio of how Buhari is a man of great ideas, you shouldn’t be the one telling us what Buhari’s ideas are. As a radio presenter, it is against NBC regulations for any presenter to influence listeners’ votes. Buhari should sell himself convincingly enough to earn their votes. Aren’t we tired of having leaders who can’t sell their ideas themselves? That’s why they haven’t approached the subject of how they are going to revive the economy in any of their campaign speeches?

Let’s not be stupefied into supporting any candidate. We are screaming for a corrupt free nation, yet we are refusing to see that electing someone without the required qualification is as good as endorsing corruption. No one would want to admit that half of this country’s population is inherently stupid, much less ignorant, but at the rate politicians garner votes based on sheer fantasy and lies, there is no other conclusion that makes any sense whatsoever. One thing is certain; if Nigerian voters were not so stupid, they would not knowingly go against what is right, whether for their personal, ethnic or religious interest. Our politicians know that without stupid people, most of them would be extinct as viable political forces. But they are far from going extinct and it is all down to the level of stupidity permeating this sad ignorant nation.


Suge Knight runs over and kills


suge knight

Suge Knight don start again, this time around on suspicion of murder after he was involved in a fatal hit-and-run incident on Thursday in California that left one man dead and put another in the hospital.


Authorities believe Suge was driving this truck (above ) when the incident happened


1987: Knight was arrested for domestic violence, allegedly stealing a car, carrying a concealed weapon and attempted murder.

1990: Knight pleaded guilty to two battery charges.

1991: Rumor has it Knight held Vanilla Ice over a balcony to get him to sign over his publishing rights – which he reportedly did.

1992: Charged with assault and battery.

1996: Knight was sentenced to nine years in prison after being caught on camera beating a man at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. He served five years of the sentence.

2002: Knight violated his parole and served another 61 days in jail.

2003: Convicted of assault.

2005: Knight ordered to pay $107 million to former Death Row Records partners.

2008. Knight allegedly beat his girlfriend and was found with ecstasy and pharmaceuticals, but charges were dropped.

2010: Arrested for failing to appear in court on a traffic violation.

2012. Arrested on outstanding traffic warrants and possession of marijuana.

2014. Katt Williams and Knight were accused of stealing a camera from a photographer. This was after Knight was shot six times in Los Angeles at a party hosted by Chris Brown.

2015: Involved in alleged hit-and-run that killed one man and put another in the hospital.

Source:The Daily Beast 



Chad reclaims Area Taken By Boko Haram


Members of Boko Haram sect

Chadian Soldiers attacked Boko Haram insurgents reclaiming the town of Malumfatori , Borno State .

The town shares the border with Chad and Niger Republic, news source confirmed that

Nigerian soldier in Maiduguri, who asked for anonymity, also spoke about the contribution of the Chadian military:

“Many buildings, including the local government secretariat and district head’s palace in Malam Fatori were bombed by the Chadian air force jet.

“The Chadian forces may be proactively reacting to the recent threat issued to their government by the Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, who warned the country alongside the government of Niger and Cameroon that he may soon be taking attacks to them if they don’t stay off his business in Nigeria. The forces had the backing of their government; that was why they took the fight up to them, even in the shores of Nigeria,” he said.

It should be recalled that Chad is actively participating in the battle against the militants.

On Saturday, January 17, tens of thousands of Chadians rallied in the country’s capital N’Djamena in support of their government’s decision to assist Nigeria in the battle against the insurgency.

Meet the 23 year old lady who taught herself Yoga and making money from it


Eliza Landgren

She’s just 23 years old meet the self-taught yogi who learnt how to stand on her head and twist her body in every direction by copying photos posted on Instagram  and now she’s earning a living posting her own.

Eliza Landgren started teaching herself yoga at her home in Queensland Australia two years ago to help with chronic lower back pain and she’s a pro and she has over 121,000 followers on her Instagram page.

See more photos below


The 23-year-old has started the business after people were constantly asking her on Instagram and via email about how to improve flexibility

Elle, who says she was never flexible as a child, started with basic stretching and trying any poses she saw on the internet and Instagram