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Stella Damascus Shares Major Throw Back Pic and Domestic Violence concerns

Stella Damascus

Popular Nollywood actress, Stella Damascus shared throw back pic of her in 2009, and how she was abused while trying to have a photo session with a top management company and how her then Boyfriend had abused her in the relationship, how she was weak  and surprisingly many thought she was a strong woman.

She shared this pic and story on her blog, read her story and share

Shocking: Fulani Herdsmen invade Aso Rock area with cattle while grazing their hungry cows

Cattle in Aso Rock


A video made exclusive by Premium Times where herdsmen were seen grazing their cattle near the Aso Rock Presidential Villa;

It was not clear how the animals and their herders accessed the restricted area of upmarket Asokoro district.

Visitors to the presidential villa must go through security checks at the entrances of the villa before proceeding to either the Supreme Court or any part of the villa.

In several parts of Abuja, cattle are freely led across main roads, stalling human and vehicular traffic — sometimes causing accidents.

Residents have regularly called on the government to check the menace.

Recently, the Senate ordered the slaughtering of cows found roaming in the city centre, adding that owners of the cows should be fined N50,000 per cow.

Conor McGregor wears ADIDAS wear as he appears in court over charges of over speeding


UFC Champion Conor McGregor was seen wearing an Adidas all track suit the court house following speeding charges leveled against him.

The 29 year old former boxer who had a major fight against Floyd Mayweather was tasked to appear in court following his refusal to appear before the Judge, who was really upset on his abscence.

Furious Judge Miriam Walsh had threatened to hand an arrest warrant to the Gardai after the UFC star did not appear for the third time over a speeding offence. He eventually arrived in a £200,000 BMW i8 sports car and then handed over with a £350 fine.

McGregor had failed to turn up to court on three previous occasions, and Judge Miriam Walsh accused him of showing 'absolute disrespect'

The Judge according to reports had earlier said that if McGregor wanted to make any case in his defence, ‘he has to be here’.

The District Court judge pointed out this was the third time McGregor had failed to turn up in court – and that she was not prepared to tolerate any further ‘disrespect’.

She said: ‘I’m giving him one more opportunity to be here. If he isn’t here, I’m going to issue a bench warrant. I’m getting nothing but the fingers from Mr McGregor.’

McGregor's lawyer Graham  Kenny (second right) had attempted to convince the judge his client was unavailable, but she refused to take no for an answer

The court was then adjourned and at some point late in the morning McGregor was spotted rolling up to the courthouse in a BMW sports car.

The sports star made a hasty exit from the court after the brief hearing on Thursday morningThe UFC champion covered his face from waiting journalists as he left the courtroom

He was wearing a matching pair of green Adidas jogging bottoms and sweatshirt along with white trainers.

Last time McGregor’s case was before the same court on November 24, his ‘business manager’ appeared in his place. On that date, Judge Walsh said McGregor must either appear in court himself – or send a legal represenative.

Under current Irish laws, speeding results in a fine of €80 (£70) with three penalty points. If that is not paid within 28 days, the fine increases to €120 (£105).

Oscar Pistorious Bags Additional Jail Term, 13 years in Prison


Closing time: Oscar Pistorius, pictured in 2016, has had his  jail sentence for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp increased from six years to 13 years and 5 months

Oscar Pistorius, 31, has been sentenced to an additional 13 years in Prison after he shot and killed 29-year-old Ms Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day in 2013; he fired four times on her through the door of his bedroom toilet, claiming he had mistaken her for an intruder.

But we know the last three bullets were meant to kill her and for that he needs to serve a long time in jail.’

Simone, who was Reeva’s step sister added: ‘This has torn apart my family and we will never be the same without Reeva. I’ll never be able to forgive him for what he did.’

The Steenkamp family spokesperson earlier said they welcomed the increased sentence and said it showed that justice could prevail in South Africa.

‘This is an emotional thing for them. They just feel that their trust in the justice system has been confirmed this morning,’ Tania Koen said.

Pistorius’s father Henke told MailOnline, he was ‘shocked’ and ‘disillusioned’ by today’s judgement, calling South Africa increasingly ‘unpredictable and dangerous’.

‘I am unbelievably surprised, disillusioned and very disappointed. There are many influences and role players in the execution of our South African law, which makes the country progressively more unpredictable and dangerous,’ he said in a phone call.

Atiku Abubakar losses Best Friend, Pays Special Tribute to him

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar paid tribute to his best friend whom he had dinner with on Friday, Adamu, he took to Twitter to pay tribute to him and shared emotional messages there .

See tweet below



Juliet Ibrahim debunks secret wedding with fiance Ice Berg Slim


Ghanaian film actress, Juliet Ibrahim took to instagram denounce a photo shoot of her and ice berg Slim, fiancee that they are both engaged she explained via a post that is was a leaked photo shoot and thanked all her fans for their concern.

Wow! @iamicebergslim and I have received so many congratulatory messages and well wishes, we must say the love and support is unbelievable! However, we will like to inform the general public that we are not married yet. When we decide to go down that path together, we will certainly be the ones to let the world, our friends, family, supporters and fans know. The image circulating isn’t a court wedding photograph, it is a leaked behind-the-scenes image which was taken during a photoshoot for a new project, which we will soon unveil to the world. God bless everyone for the love and well wishes. I love you all.

Joy On The Streets at Robert Mugabe resigns as President Of Zimbabwe

Mugabe had been accused of allowing his wife Grace, 52, to 'usurp' power and of being too old to rule. It is not clear what will now happen to his loathed wife, dubbed Gucci Grace for her lavish spending

There was so much joy on the streets of Harare and around Zimbabwe as Robert Mugabe 93 resigned voluntarily from office.

Dictator Robert Mugabe has finally resigned today, ending his 37-year rule of Zimbabwe after the country’s ousted vice president – dubbed ‘The Crocodile’ – ordered him to quit.

Zimbabwe’s parliament erupted in wild celebrations as the announcement was made that the 93-year-old had resigned ‘with immediate effect’.


Zanu-PF officials said former vice president Emmerson ‘The Crocodile’ Mnangagwa would take over by tomorrow. The Parliament’s leader said he was working on legal issues to appoint a new president within 48 hours.
Huge crowds gathered on the streets to celebrate the announcement which ended Mugabe's tyrannical 37-year rule of the country

Mugabe had been accused of allowing his wife Grace, 52, to ‘usurp’ power and of being too old to rule. It is not clear what will now happen to his loathed wife, dubbed Gucci Grace for her lavish spending, who has not been seen since she and her husband were held under house arrest last week.

However, it is thought Mugabe has spent considerable time thrashing out immunity for him and his family. It is not known whether he will be allowed to retire to one of his many plush homes or forced out of the country.

Even if Grace is granted immunity in Zimbabwe, she is still wanted in South Africa for allegedly assaulting a model earlier this year. At the time she claimed diplomatic immunity, but is it not clear if this will still apply now her husband has been ousted from power.

Common congratulates Nigeria’s First Female Bobsled Team



American Musical Artiste Common has come out to celebrate and congratulate the Nigerian female Bobsled team to qualify for the winter Olympics;

Common was quoted as saying “EPIC! Congratulations to Nigeria’s Women’s Bobsled Team on becoming the first-EVER African bobsled team to qualify for the #Olympics and #Nigeria’s first-EVER representatives at the Winter Olympics! #BlackGirlMagic x #BlackExcellence on full display with these three Queens. #👑 #🇳🇬

Congrats to the Girls


Zimbabwe On Fire As Possible Overthrow of Mugabe underway

A military tank is seen with armed soldiers on the road leading to President Robert Mugabe's office in Harare, ZimbabweZimbabwe's military stormed the country's national broadcaster's studios last night to declare there was no coup after explosions and gunfire were heard in the capital

News coming out from Zimbabwe doesn’t sound too good as Zimbabwe’s leader Robert Mugabe and his wife have been detained by the military in a ‘bloodless transition’ of power  and the country’s deposed Vice-president has returned from exile.

It’s assumed Mugabe and his family are holed up, Former vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, 75, a veteran of Zimbabwe’s 1970s liberation wars who was sacked by Mugabe earlier this month,to enable his wife Grace 52, take over has now returned from exile.

Zimbabwe media reported that vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa (in the dark blue suit) had returned to the country and will be taking control 'as per the military'